We meet at Clayton State University Library

We meet every other month starting in February, at Clayton State University in the University Center room 265.
We start at 3pm and end around 5pm. Everyone age 16 or older is welcome, from beginners to experts.

Park in the "G" area and walk to the University Center "12" on the map. Go to the entrance on the East Side. Once inside, look for our classroom across from the entrance to the Library.



A review of The Georgia Archives June 2nd

June's meeting will be a review of the genealogical offerings available at the Georgia Archives as well as a review of parts of their website. There will be a tour of the Georgia Archives the following Saturday for those who want to meet again and go behind the scenes. 

We are going to talk about genealogy blogs April 7th!

Our next meeting this year is going to be on April 7th starting at 3pm at our usual location at Clayton State University. 

We are going to talk about genealogy blogs. Do you have one, should you start one, follow one, or join a group? What is the benefit of having a blog, and what are the downfalls and headaches?

This will be a hand's on learning experience, so bring your questions and bring your blog addresses if you have them so we can discuss. If you have a blog you particularly like, we will look it up and share it with the group. 

If you come early (around 1:30 or 2) you can meet with Selma to talk about DNA or networking.

First meeting of 2019: Advanced DNA research February 3rd

We hope to see you February 3rd for the first meeting of Our Genealogy Group of 2019. Our first meeting of the year is always on Super Bowl Sunday! But, no worries, we are always finished in plenty of time before the game starts. Our meeting starts at 3 and ends around 5pm. You don't want to miss the first meeting this year. Especially if you came to part 1 of our DNA class last year. 

Andi Criminger will come back to present part 2 of DNA chromosome logs. Now that you have written out your chromosome match logs, what do you do next? 

This meeting will be for those who have already written out your chromosome match logs. IF YOU ARE JUST BEGINNING YOUR DNA RESEARCH, YOU MAY NOT BE READY FOR THIS CLASS. Beginner questions will not be answered. Beginner DNA researchers are welcome to attend the class, but please note that this is the second part and beginner DNA will not be reviewed. 

If there is enough interest, we will have a second room next door with a class on Identifying Photographs for those who are not ready for part 2 of DNA research. 

Our Genealogy Group is 10 years old!

Looking Back - Looking Forward
7 October 2018 

OGG is 10 years old! We have six people from the original group still actively involved. 
Your invited to our birthday "party". Everyone is welcome to enjoy and share at all our free workshop meetings. 

This month we would like for everyone to share their genealogy year with us for our 10th year present! Share with us what you have accomplished this year, or what you totally screwed up. You can also come with your questions. 
We will limit each person's story time to about 10 minutes. 

DNA kits and Chromosome logs August 5th

DNA kits and Chromosome logs August 5th

Sunday August 5th we will have a guest speaker come to talk to us about our DNA kits and Chromosome logs. You will need to have already done some work on your DNA and on your logs as this is NOT a beginners class, although if you have not done DNA research you are still welcome. Beginners questions will NOT be covered. 

Your chromosome log should look like this.

If you have any questions before Sunday, please go to our Facebook page and ask them.

If you are bringing your laptop or electronics to the class, remember to come early to give yourself time to set up and get signed on to the wifi. We start promptly at 3pm. 
Directions to the classroom are posted at the top of the page. 

June 3rd! Where am I looking?

Our emphasis during the June meeting will be on planning research -pre, during and post planning. As usual you will need to bring your project as this is a HANDS ON workshop, and your time to work. 
If you have another project to work on, or something else to complete from the previous meetings feel free to work on that. Don't forget to bring your friends. 

We will start at 3pm.

How do I know that? Come to our meeting on April 8th and find out.

Our next meeting is on April 8th at 3pm. As with all our meetings this year, it is more of a workshop rather than a sit and listen. That means YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR PROJECTS TO WORK ON!

During the last meeting in February there was a lot of talk about DNA and GEDmatch.com . So, in addition to talking and actual filing this go around, for those of you who are interested, some members plan to get together and add their raw data to the GEDmatch.com site. If you have been following along on our Facebook page you would have seen the following post earlier this month from Selma:

Have you added GEDmatch.com to your DNA toolbox? For a brief video on how to join and add your raw data, the following is helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acGJmLlsWg4 If you have your DNA kit, you may want to get this next step done. Hint, hint, we will explain more at the April meeting and answer a BIG request from the group. But this MUST be done first! If you have been thinking about DNA and wonder should I? NOW is the time.

She has also posted several worksheets on Facebook that you can download and print out for organization and GEDmatch.com . For DNA, you need about 6 copies of the chromosome sheet when you come to the meeting.  If you are not a member already, our Facebook group is found here . 

So, bring a friend or two. Bring your DNA and GEDmatch.com files and chromosome sheets. This is a working workshop! And if you are not working on DNA you can join the rest of us by working on organization OR on anything else you want to! This is YOUR genealogy time. Away from the kids, or significant others, or who ever keeps bothering you and asking you to make them dinner.