We meet at Clayton State University Library

We meet the first Sunday of every month (unless it is a holiday weekend - then the second Sunday)
at Clayton State University in the University Center room 265.
We start at 3pm and end around 5pm. Everyone age 16 or older is welcome, from beginners to experts.
See a University map at
Park in the "G" area and walk to the University Center "14" on the map.

Membership dues $25.00 per year. $35 for couples living in the same household.

We are on the lookout for new speakers, teachers and topics. If you would like to speak with our group, or introduce your group to ours, please send us an email request.

Information for you!

If you missed our class on Findagrave Transcribing tool and the Smart Phone App or if you just need a review check out the last 3 classes in this set: https://www.ancestry.com/academy/course/findagrave

You can also find the classes on Youtube if you can't get into ancestry.com
The last 3 in the set are about the transcribing tool and the smart phone app. If you just need a general review about the whole site, check out all the links in the set
Workshop this Saturday
The Powder Springs Georgia Stake (LDS) invites you to the RootsTech Family Discovery Day Workshop on Saturday Oct 10, 2015; 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 pm.  Location 2595 New Macland Road, Powder Springs, GA.

The program is FREE and open to the public. Lunch will be provided

FIND A GRAVE and the APP too!

Our next meeting will be October 4th and we will be discussing findagrave.com . Most of you all know and may even have accounts on findagrave.com . For those that do not, we will be doing a quick review. 

Find a Grave's mission is to find, record and present final disposition information from around the world as a virtual cemetery experience. Find a Grave memorials may contain rich content including pictures, biographies and more specific information. Members can leave remembrances via 'virtual flowers' on the memorials they visit, completing the virtual cemetery experience. . (findagrave.com FAQ)

We will also explore the findagrave app for smart phones and discuss how to get the most out of it. 

We will take what we learn from this class to have a field trip for our November class in a cemetery that needs to be added to findagrave.com . The location of the cemetery is TBA. 

I hope to see you all on October 4th. 

Meanwhile, don't forget to check out the second annual Find A Grave Community Day! If you participate, you can use what you learn about the app in our class at the community event! Click the link here: 

Emigration, Immigration and Migration: What are you looking for?

September meeting will be on the 13th due to the Labor Day Holiday!

Ellis Island, N.Y. - one of the "1000 marriageable girls" on the "Baltic"

From the collection of the Library of Congress 
  • Digital ID: (b&w film copy neg.) cph 3a21815 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cph.3a21815

Emigration, Immigration and Migration: What are you looking for? Learn how to find it.
This discussion will be led by Selma on September 13th in our usual classroom at Clayton State University.

Anyone who would like to share their search story for about 10 or 15 minutes, please send a short email  to ourgenealogygroup@gmail.com  

August 2nd: Research & Technology OR Research vs. Technology?

Research & Technology or is Research Vs. Technology?:
Want to know how to use technology to help you in your genealogy research?
Helpful hardware, software, tips and tricks to collecting your research finds, saving them, backing them up and finding them later!

As we prep for the upcoming meeting, let us know if you have a particular technology question or help with a website for your genealogy research. You can send us an email to ourgenealogygroup@gmail.com . Put "tech" in the subject line. 

 This discussion will be led by Dee Leclair. 

Ancestors Organized
Dee Leclair
6803 Deer Trail Lane
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers

July 12 meeting "Basic Questions"

How to integrate Evernote, spreadsheet  
and genealogy 101

Three questions:
How do YOU use a spreadsheet?
How do YOU use Evernote?
How do YOU begin genealogy 101?

Basic questions to everyday genealogical research will be our topic for the July 12, 2015 Our Genealogy Group meeting. The program will be moderated by Selma Blackmon, Vicki Evans and Rosemary Fischer.

Come prepared to take active participation. Bring up to eight recent surnames, location, date and migration. My examples in a simple table are:







LaSalle Co, IL


CT, N.Y., IL

Selma Blackmon


Will Co., IL

1840 to present

Germany, OH, IL

Selma Blackmon

my DUNHAM line is more than three generations back, but I am actively researching them




N.J., N.Y., OH, WI

Selma Blackmon

or my DUNHAM and COUCH family in N.Y. would be listed as


Oneida Co., N.Y.



Selma Blackmon


Oneida Co., N.Y.



Selma Blackmon

We will make a group spreadsheet using your shared information. Everyone will have access to this data. Facts already provided by members will be in the database and ready for additions or corrections.

We plan to demonstrate how to use a spreadsheet, how to actively research using Evernote and how to begin the genealogy process. Plan to share how you use these programs.

Iconography in Fayette City Cemetery June 7th

Our next meeting will be June 7th at 3pm, and we will NOT meet at our usual classroom. Instead, it is time for a FIELD TRIP! We invite you to join us at the Fayette City Cemetery just a block or two from Fayette Square and Historic Courthouse.

Angela will be guiding you on a tour of the cemetery and pointing out the images from the tombstones and discussing their symbolic meanings and what stories they tell us about the people they memorialize. Fayette County was founded in 1821. The earliest birth date that I have found of the residents of the cemetery date back to 1764. There are residents from the Indian Wars, Civil War, and World Wars. The cemetery is still in use today.

We will park at the Fayette County Board of Education which is right next to the original entrance of the cemetery from its founding in 1823, and the start of our tour.  As with most cemeteries, this one has a lot of uneven terrain and very few paved walking areas. We will be stepping up and down and around family plots. Please wear appropriate shoes. 

An address you can google is 200 Stonewall Avenue W Fayetteville, GA 30214 . This will put you close enough to tell where to go and park.

Minnie May Turnipseed
** I found this old doll here while doing research for the tour. ...Creepy! **

May 3 Mini Workshop!!

Researching your Civil War Ancestors
a mini workshop on May 3 2015
2pm - 5pm

Please join us on May 3rd for our mini workshop. Civil War Family History, Resources and Fun Stuff!! For this year's mini we will have 3 speakers that will be showing us resources that can be used to find and learn about our ancestors who lived through and fought during the Civil War.
Rosemary will be speaking about The War of Rebellion Reference Series at the Clayton State University Library. She will show us how to use the series and will tell us the type of information that is found in the books.
Angela will be sharing some of the reference books that are located at the Fayette County Historical Society such as "Joe Brown's Census of 1864", the volumes of the Southern Historical Society Papers,  Volumes of the Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia and more.
We will have two additional speakers, one of our founding members, Terri Taylor-Hamrick and Clayton State University Professor, Randall Gooden.