We meet at Clayton State University Library

We meet the first Sunday of every month (unless it is a holiday weekend - then the second Sunday)
at Clayton State University in the University Center room 265.
We start at 3pm and end around 5pm. Everyone age 16 or older is welcome, from beginners to experts.
See a University map at
Park in the "G" area and walk to the University Center "14" on the map.

Membership dues $25.00 per year. $35 for couples living in the same household. Members get exclusive content at our website http://ourgenealogygroup.com/

We are on the lookout for new speakers, teachers and topics. If you would like to speak with our group, or introduce your group to ours, please send us an email request.



We will be discussing Citations in Software! We will have a handout that includes Family Tree Maker 2014, Legacy, Roots Magic and My Heritage. 

Month 4 Genealogy Do-over

It is finally time to do some research!

If you are following Thomas MacEntee's Do-Over, you know we have been waiting 4 long months to do some actual research. The time is finally here! 

I'm going to quote Mr. MacEntee here because he explains it best. "We get to actually take the information from our self-interviews and family group sheets and use it to find evidence to prove or disprove relationships and data points".  We are going to be setting up "to do lists", tracking research, transcribing, and more. 

We are going to work slower this time around, but we are going to get more information and more enjoyment from what we find. 

I hope you join us this April 3rd. Our speakers will be Catherine Ehlers, Trish Fields, Angela Mercer, Tamika Strong and Jane Thursby. Bring your questions about "How should I keep track of..." or "Where would I look for" or "What should be done before I look for...?" 

If you are paid member of Our Genealogy Group make sure you go to OGG and click on the "Do Over" section listed at the top for exclusive content provided to our group by Thomas MacEntee. 

If you use Facebook you may want to join Thomas MacEntee's Do Over Group Page . You can participate in the fun, or just watch and see what other people post, you might learn something new. There are over 11,000 people in the group, so there is no telling what you might learn. 

Genealogy Do-over Recap for Month #3

In March Our Genealogy Group had our 5th Annual All Day Workshop. But, it was also the time to do part 3 of Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over. In month 3 the topics were to conduct a self interview and to conduct a family interview. . 

For my self interview, I originally thought I would just verify that what I had down in 
Family Tree Maker for me was correct. So, I checked it, and it is correct but, because, I'm not dead, 
I haven't had any military service, we have no children, and I'm not religious so there is no baptism information stuff listed, it really looked empty. 
My "self interview" felt lame.

At the Workshop, we had a session on interviews, and I gave a brief speech about StoryCorps. StoryCorps collects oral history stories and interviews from regular folks like you and me and stores them for all time at the Library of Congress. Recently, they created an app for your smart phone or tablet and it is an excellent way to capture that self interview or family interview for your part 3 of the do-over!  

If you have a smart phone or a tablet (and let's face it, you probably do) I encourage you to download the StoryCorp app. Once you get it, the app will walk you through all the steps. It is really easy to set up your own account. When you are ready, you can prepare an interview. If you are not sure what questions you should ask, the app gives you a lot of suggestions to choose from. You can click on the questions you like. Then when it is time to record (the recording is just audio) the questions you chose will be at the top of the screen, and you can swipe through them as you go along. If you already know what you want to talk about, you can just by pass all that stuff and go right to the interview. At the end of the interview, the app asks you to take one photograph. Then, you can choose to upload the interview to the Library of Congress, to a social media site like Facebook or you can decide to just keep it on your device and choose to share it only with your family. 

I found it best to do your "self interview" with the app as practice before doing the family interview. In the end it doesn't really matter though, because it is FREE! So, if you mess up you can start over! 

If you are a paid member go to OUR GENEALOGY GROUP and click on the "do over" section at the top of the page for exclusive content provided to us by Thomas MacEntee. 

If you are on Facebook and want to join the discussion or learn new tricks or just watch what others are doing in the the do-over Thomas MacEntee has a Do-Over group at HERE . 

Campus Map to our classrooms in building 14.

You should see signs through the campus for our workshop. So you can prepare, here is the map of the campus. The best parking is in the G parking lot and walk to building 14
If you need handicap parking, I've circled the parking areas in yellow. 

Click this link to see a bigger version of the map. Campus Map

5th Annual All Day Workshop

March 5 2016 will be our 5th annual FREE all day workshop! The workshop will be held at the Clayton State University in the University Center class rooms from 8am until 4pm.  

We are going to have one track for beginners with classes on filing out pedigree charts, how to do interviews, organizing your paper files, and resources and technology. Our intermediate track will focus on advanced research and data analysis, genealogy software, court house research, plus a case study. After  lunch we will have one long session for both groups on DNA! We will have a separate room with volunteers for those who need "hands on" advice, so bring your brick wall issues with you. 

The workshop is FREE, but spaces are limited so we need you to RSVP.  Just send us an email at ourgenealogygroup@gmail.com  and let us know that your coming 
and which friends you are bringing with you. Plan to stay all day, we will have some great door prizes from Legacy Family Tree, Roots Magic, Lisa Louise Cooke Genealogy Gems Podcasts and more!

We are looking for genealogy groups and historical societies who would like to have a table in our exhibit hall. The table is free, just let us know if you would like one. If you can't make it, think about sending some literature on your group that we can give out to our guests. 

Review of our February meeting

I missed the February meeting, but fellow member, Selma has done a great review of the class. She has it posted in the "files" section on our Facebook Page too. Here is the link to our Facebook page.

Our Genealogy Group meeting notes from 7 February 2016
Genealogy Do-Over month 2 Establishing Basic Practices and Guidelines Setting Research Goals

We started the meeting by introducing new members and visitors. Welcome!

Last month we watched about 17 minutes of the Legacy Family Tree Webinar My Genealogy DO Over - A Year of Learning from Research Mistakes by Thomas MacEntee . This month, we watched about 5 minutes. These webinars are about one hour long, we have just watched a very limited portion.

Legacy Family Tree, Geoff Rasmussen has given OGG permission to use this one webinar. Dee has our "members only" page up. She demonstrated how to log in. Three of Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Alzo's "Boot Camp" webinars have been purchased and are now on the website. These webinars include research logs and how to use them, citations and how to make your own "cheat sheet." Thank you members and Dee, it is your dues that has paid for this service.

Everyone wrote out a goal and received a prize for sharing with the group. The goals are specific, measurable, and doable. Several connected already such as researching Irish immigrants or ship workers or seamen. HOMEWORK:  Make a goal "Find my . . ." Document and verify lineage from yourself to the person you want to find.

Plan on bringing some of your papers to the workshop to work one-on-one. It helps to have another pair of eyes read your work. The Do-Over has provided me with many clues that I already had but was unaware.

Kerry Scott's book How to Use Evernote for Genealogy was the resource for the brief Evernote demonstration. I briefly showed how to add a box for a to do list. My use for Evernote is current research. Showed how to add spreadsheets made on desktop to Evernote. Question, will the spreadsheets open up on a tablet or is Microsoft necessary? Yes, today I opened a census spreadsheet on my Toshiba tablet and had the option to view or edit. As everyone saw, I had at least 12 Dunham research spreadsheets on my desktop. Not only difficult to find in the clutter, but which one do I want? Now all the sheets are on one Evernote note, sorted and with a typed note listing what censuses surnames not found. So can have imported spreadsheet and a typed note on same note page. Questions? Contact Vicki Evans or Selma Blackmon for assistance or see us at the all day workshop on 5 March.

Genealogy, like anything worthwhile, takes commitment and work. Sharing encouragement from Doug Grady, we ended with the question, "What is holding you back?" It is a four letter word FEAR. So we are to Choose simply, Choose powerfully, Choose now! Doug Grady has a song which brought a smile or laugh to almost everyone as we could identify with his  Tough Mudder Song on YouTube.

3 April OGG meeting will include a panel discussion on "Tracking Research" and "Conducting Research." See members page for downloads, these will not be shown at our meeting. Bring your questions for the panel.

5 March is OGG all day Saturday free workshop. Invite your friends, bring questions to work on, volunteer! Sign up now!

February 7 meeting: Month 2 of the Do-Over

Before we talk about the Do-Over, make sure you go ahead and RSVP for the 5th annual FREE All Day Workshop! Tell your friends! We will have sessions for beginners and intermediate level genealogists, plus one long session on DNA! We will also have dedicated rooms for "hands on" work with help from our steering committee members. Bring your research and let's break down those brick walls! The workshop is March 5 2016 at Clayton State University. The cafe and sub shop will be open for breakfast and lunch. RSVP by sending us an email from the link above. The workshop is FREE, but we have limited space, so you must RSVP. 

There seems to be a broken link with our email address above. To RSVP, you may need to copy the address and paste it into your email program to send the message. ourgenealogygroup@gmail.com

February 7 agenda: 

We are starting month two of Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over. 

Click this link for a review of month one of the do-over

Click on this link to buy/read the Do-Over Workbook

Hello OGG members! Are you ready to start month two of the Do-Over? In month one, you have "prepared to research". You have everything (EVERYTHING) put away. For example, my goal is to work on my mother's maternal line so, things I know I have are grandmother's birth certificate. I think I have her marriage certificate. I'm not sure. (Good thing I'm doing it over!) . I'm going to research as if I don't have these things. When I need them, instead of going to vital records to get these things again, I'm going to "Angela's Vital Records Closet" in my office to search for that record.

Month 2's goals are to Establish Base Practices and Guidelines and Set Research Goals. I'm following Thomas MacEntee's Do-Over and reading his Do-Over Workbook . I like his base practices which are to

    1. Track all work, even dead ends, negative evidence and non-productive searches.
    2. Cite all sources! This often scares people. You could use the Evidence Explained book or website to help you if you want your citations to be "perfect" or "standard". But, more importantly they need to work for you and be usable to future genealogists. So as long as you cite the "what, where and when" information you'll be doing fine. Just make sure you cite the same way consistently throughout your work. Don't change formats halfway through. Click HERE for a citation machine. (This is what I used for college papers..shh don't tell.) HERE is an explanation of citations for genealogists.  
    3. And "make the first pass the only pass"! Yes, slow down! Don't get distracted by those BSOs! (Bright Shinny Object: ie: fluttering ancestry leaves)
So, this blog will be one of the ways that I choose to track my work. But many of us use Evernote . We will be discussing creating a blog and the best ways to use Evernote for genealogy during the meeting on February 7th. 

I'm ready to dive in, how about you? But I must slow down. The actual research doesn't kick in until month 4!!! We are about to start month 2. We are still preparing! I think I need to go organize the genealogy closet, and pull all the craft supplies off the genealogy boxes.