We meet at Clayton State University Library

We meet the first Sunday of every month (unless it is a holiday weekend - then the second Sunday)
at Clayton State University in the University Center room 265.
We start at 3pm and end around 5pm. Everyone age 16 or older is welcome, from beginners to experts.
See a University map at
Park in the "G" area and walk to the University Center "14" on the map.

Membership dues $25.00 per year. $35 for couples living in the same household.

We are on the lookout for new speakers, teachers and topics. If you would like to speak with our group, or introduce your group to ours, please send us an email request.

Scroll to the very bottom of this page to see the list of Genealogy books that are a part of Our Genealogy Group's Library. If you are a paid member, and would like to borrow one, contact Rosemary Fischer.

Researching Abroad October 5th

Are you ready to research that ancestor you have in Germany, but need some pointers? Or are you ready to start investigating some family lore from England or France but don't know where to start? Join us October 5th at 3pm to join our discussion on Researching Abroad!

Our speakers will be talking about their experiences of researching in other countries in other languages. The countries we will discuss are Canada, England, France, Germany and IrelandSpeakers for this program include:  Dee LeClair, Trish Fields, Susan McLeer, Anne Bennett and Richard Reams.  
There will be handouts.

We would like for you to join the conversation. If you have any tips for researching abroad, please join us and tell us what you know. We look forward to seeing you October 5th. Bring a friend!

Next Meeting: September 7th at 3pm

I want to save that!

Learn Saving and Backing-up your Research 

to and from the computer.

Have you found a document about an ancestor and want to save it on your laptop...now what do you do? 
Have you ever wanted to know how you could capture an image you see on your monitor and save it as a file on your hard drive? These questions and more 
will be answered at our next meeting. 

Join us September 7th. Dee Leclair will be showing us how to save files from places like the internet, Ancestry, and Family Search. She will cover different ways and types of backups for your research files that you have on your computer. 

What did YOU do this summer?

Please join us on August 3rd to discuss what you did this summer in regards to Genealogy. 

Some of us had family reunions, others went on research trips. What did you do?  Did you find a new record, visit your grandma, discover a hidden treasure? We look forward to hearing about your adventure. If you found something interesting, please bring it in to share with the group.

Take a look at our upcoming events ------->
We are on the look out for a speaker in February to talk about African American Research. Please contact me if you have a suggestion. 

Our meeting starts at 3pm. But, some of us will be there earlier. If you wish to come earlier to do some research, let us know and we will open the room up for you. Remember, there are 15 or more free genealogy databases available at the Clayton State University Library, including Ancestry and Fold 3. FREE!

July meeting on the 13th!

You've got questions? We've got answers!

July's meeting will be on the second Sunday as the first Sunday is on a holiday weekend. This meeting will be led by member Selma Blackmon. If you have ANY genealogy questions, we will be ready to answer them. Some members will be available if you would like to come early to do some research in the library. Remember, you can access Ancestry, Fold 3 and other genealogy sites for FREE from the Clayton State University Library. In the meantime, check out this link to Selma's article. 

Order an Indexed Document by Selma Blackmon

June: Annual Picnic

The Annual OGG Picnic

Date: Sunday June 1 2014
Time: 2:30pm - 5pm
Where: Home of Bill & Susan
email me if you need the address.

Bring a dish to share: salad, dessert, vegetable, etc
Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided along with the condiments and rolls. 
Soda beverages will also be provided. 

FYI: There is a walking trail for nature enthusiasts. Be prepared with long pants, bug spray and proper shoes if you wish to take a stroll in the woods.

The Mechanics of Citations on May 4th

"The Mechanics of Citations" 
will be a workshop format, so please bring items that need citations. We will cover what information is needed to write a citation for you, 
or someone else to find the object. 

If you have a electronic device bring it. If no genealogy software on the device, download the free Roots Magic or other program and add a few names and bring the items you want sited for these names. 

This will NOT cover evaluation of the citations. Evaluation is a whole different class. This will be the basic mechanical aspects.

Come early and research, 
some of us will be there by 1p.m. when the library opens.

What did you miss from Sunday's Meeting? Check it out!

Vicki led a discussion of the Women of WWII. We had several great displays and a costume contest.
Angela, Selma, Brian, and Vicki
We won! 
I had Victory Curls in my hair and I had on a hat that Jane Mansfield wore late in the 1940s. 
Brian had on the Zoot Suit.

Woah! haha. 

Thanks for leading this class Vicki. 

Look at these displays! 
Baby clothes and a prom dress from the 1940s. Plus appropriate back ground music.

1940s family photographs and a ration book.

Draft Cards


Fascinating Love letters

Love letters from Jamie and Mable during WWII

Stay tuned for information on our next meeting. Selma will be discussing Citations! Remember, without citations, your work is just fiction.

Until then, check out the WWII Heritage Days history festival April 26th and 27th at Historical Airpower Facility,Atlanta Regional Airport-Falcon Field, Peachtree City from 9am until 4pm both days. Features historic aircraft, antique cars, vintage military vehicles, guest speakers, education displays, demonstrations by reenactors portraying Allied and Axis troops, and activities for school age kids. Highlights include an opening ceremony recognizing local WWII veterans and a 1940s hangar dance. Theme of the 2014 opening ceremony, Honoring the Women of the Greatest Generation, will pay tribute to women who served in the military and on the home front. Details: www.wwiidays.org
(from The Newnan Times Herald)