We meet at Clayton State University Library

We meet every other month starting in February, at Clayton State University in the University Center room 265.
We start at 3pm and end around 5pm. Everyone age 16 or older is welcome, from beginners to experts.

Park in the "G" area and walk to the University Center "12" on the map. Go to the entrance on the East Side. Once inside, look for our classroom across from the entrance to the Library.



Ask Granny on August 4th!

the family skeleton at the family reunion
Judy Russell, founder of "Ask Granny" will be speaking with our group on August 4th. 

"Ask Granny"© is an innovative genealogical outreach program especially designed to be presented by local Genealogical Society members (like us!) at assisted living or retirement homes or other places where seniors gather. The program can also be used as a workshop event at a Family Reunion or at a church or other senior groups. The authors, Judy Russell and Greg Crane provide FREE specially formatted materials and instructions via email. Genealogical Society members can easily use the materials to guide the seniors as they create a simple ancestral chart for themselves and for their families. 
The program is very different than a beginning genealogy course. Using only pencils and paper, the Grannies and Grandpas who attend the seminars record their memories of family names, dates, and places on a chart labeled "A Genealogical Gift to my Family." Whether the students can remember the details of one generation or six, they create an irreplaceable record of family history for their grandchildren and great grandchildren. At every session, even seniors who think they will remember nothing have been able to record several generations with the help of their instructors. 
Since 2009 the authors of “Ask Granny”©, Judy Russell and Greg Crane, have presented the program many times in retirement centers and for local senior groups, such as Community Councils on Aging. They also report that it has also been adopted by genealogical societies, family reunions, and schools in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and in 15 states: excerpt from:

Other Updates: Remember that "search tip" I told ya'll about at the last meeting. The one about making websites larger so you can see them better? Remember how I tried to demonstrate it, and it didn't quite work. I think it is because I TOLD YOU WRONG! The correct way to enlarge the type on a website is to HOLD DOWN THE "CTRL" KEY AND THEN SCROLL THE ROLLER ON THE MOUSE. 

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