We meet at Clayton State University Library

We meet every other month starting in February, at Clayton State University in the University Center room 265.
We start at 3pm and end around 5pm. Everyone age 16 or older is welcome, from beginners to experts.

Park in the "G" area and walk to the University Center "12" on the map. Go to the entrance on the East Side. Once inside, look for our classroom across from the entrance to the Library.



Thank you Judy Russell from Ask Granny

We had a very interesting class this month. Judy Russell from "Ask Granny" came from Athens to tell us about the Ask Granny program she helped to create. Judy and her Ask Granny partner Greg Crane started the program in 2009 after discussing how they could help seniors preserve their family history and memories to pass to the next generation.

The program provides free genealogical materials to volunteers, or genealogical societies (like us!) to present  to senior citizens in retirement centers, rotary clubs, church groups, and community senior centers. It is not a beginning genealogy course, but just a seminar to help Grandpas and Grannies fill out a basic family group sheet using only pencils and paper. The Grannies and Grandpas take home a folder with an 11X17 family group sheet and other helpful information should they choose to continue with recording their family history. Alongside the family group sheet is a letter to their family. In short is says 

"Dear Family, Today I have filled in the "Ask Granny" ancestral chart you will find in this folder with my recollections of my ancestors. I wrote down as many of the details of family names, dates, and places as I could remember. I hope that the names, dates, and places which I recorded here will be helpful to you if you ever decide that you want to discover more about your heritage. If I am not there to help you then, you won't have to say "Why didn't I ask Granny about her family memories when I had the change", because today I've done what I could to help you." 

Imagine, if you had found something similar when you started your research! What a treasure that would be!

After telling us about the program, we all pretended we were Grannies and Grandpas while Judy led the class in filling out our own family group sheet, so that we could get the full experience of what an Ask Granny Seminar would be like. Grannies should always 1. put their name on each piece of paper. 2. Print! as we know, the young ones are not learning cursive anymore! 3. Always use the date format DD Month YYYY with the month spelled out and all 4 digits of the year. 4. Use a person's full name when known, and in genealogical work always use a woman's maiden name. 5. If using a nick name, put it in quotes. 

If you missed the class, but would like information on how you can host an "Ask Granny" event for a senior center, or church group or family reunion contact Judy Russell at the following email. 

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  1. Thank you very much, Ourgenealogygroup, for having "Ask Granny" at your meeting. I hope that some of you will try the materials in working with Senior Citizens in your area!

    Judy Russell, aka "Granny"